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Last Updated:May 24, 2022


1.The linked account cannot have overdue payments.

2.The linked account cannot have unpaid, pending, renewal, or temporary upgrade orders.

If such orders exist, cancel or pay for the orders before proceeding.

3.The linked account must have optional payment methods other than credit control.



1.On the Account Linking page, click Unlink.


2.A confirmation dialog-box for unlinking appears.


3.After reviewing the information, select “I have carefully read the information, and am aware of the risks mentioned above”.

If conditions for trusteeship removal are not met, you will be prompted the operation failed.


After the trusteeship is removed, corresponding resources will be transferred back to the linked account, but the monetary value of the resources will not be transferred. Once the trusteeship is removed, the refund amount for resources in the linked account is zero. Therefore, you must claim refunds for resources in the linked account before the trusteeship is removed.