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User Center:Refund rules for real-time configuration downgrade

Last Updated:May 24, 2022

When the configuration of a subscription instance exceeds your business requirements, and your account has the configuration downgrade privilege, you request downgrade in real time. This topic describes the rules used to calculate the refund when you downgrade the configuration of an instance.


Configuration downgrade refund amount = Online refund amount × Price ratio between the new and old configurations. Refunds for multiple orders are calculated separately and then summed.

Online refund amount = Paid order amount - Consumption amount

Consumption amount =Subscription price per day × Consumed subscription duration × Discount corresponding to the subscription duration of the original order

Price ratio betweenthe new and old configurations = (Daily unit price of the original configuration - Daily unit price of the downgraded configuration)/Daily price difference of the original configuration

1. Both the daily unit pricesof the original and new configurations do not contain discounts.

2. Daily unit price =Monthly price/30


  • If you use an instance for less than 24 hours, the usage duration is rounded up to one day.

  • If you purchase an instance by using vouchers or through preferential activities, the downgrade refund amount may be zero due to insufficient remaining value of the instance.

  • A refund cannot be made if the configuration downgrade refund amount is less than or equal to 0.


Assume that a customer purchased an ECS instance with Configuration A on September 01, 2020 and paid USD 150 for one month without any discount.

On September 24, 2020, Configuration A is downgraded to Configuration C, and the price of Configuration C is USD 120 per month. At this time, the available usage duration is 30 - 24 = 6 days.

The configuration downgrade refund amount is USD 6, which is calculated based on the following formula: (150/30 × 6) × (150/30 - 120/30)/(150/30)


For users that use other currencies, the configuration downgrade refund amount is first calculated in US Dollar (USD). If a different currency is used as the settlement currency, for example, the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) currency is used as the settlement currency, the refund amount is calculated by using the following formula:

Settlement amount of the configuration downgrade refund = Configuration downgrade refund amount in USD × USD to MYR exchange rate.