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Last Updated: May 24, 2022

Users can view the summary information of their own consumption by month (billing cycle) through the bill overview.


Users can view the summary information of their own consumption by month (billing cycle) through the bill overview.

1. Overview Description

The overview list shows the bills under the current account and its linked accounts. By default, only bills for the current month are displayed. You can customize the columns to be shown in the bill overview list.

1.1 Overview data

  • Billing Cycle: The cycle of bill settlement (usually months)

  • Account Name: the account to which the bill belongs.

  • Product Name: All kinds of cloud products purchased by users (including third-party products of Alibaba Cloud and Marketplace, for example, ECS)

  • Product Detail: specific goods purchased by users (for example, ECS-pay-as-you-go)

  • Subscription Type: Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go

  • Item: can be divided into consumption, refund and Adjustment bills.

  • Pretax Gross Amount: the consumption amount calculated according to the list price.

  • Invoice Discount: discount amount generated according to contract discount, official website activity discount, etc.

  • Round Down Discount: Multiple decimal exist in the billing details. When system calculates the pretax amount, round down discount is generated.

  • Pretax amount: Pretax amount=Pretax Gross Amount-Invoice Discount-Round Down Discount; The amount payable is the actual amount to be paid by the user (the payment method of the amount payable, including but not limited to cash payment, etc.) (including refund) (including account adjustment)

  • Cash payment: the amount (including refund) paid by the user by cash (including reconciliation)

  • Outstanding amount: the amount that users still have to pay.

1.2 Instructions

User filtering data

Users can filter data through the following dimensions:

  • Billing Cycle: default current month

  • Account: the account to which the bill belongs

Custom billing data columns

Through the "Customize Column Options", users can customize the data fields they want to display. After the customization is successful, the bill overview page can display the corresponding data.

Export records

  • Export current data: the content queried by the user on the current page;

  • Export specified account period: In the export window, users can export data for multiple months, up to 6 months at a time, and up to 2 years of data; monthly bills can be exported in csv format and PDF format;

  • If you export data for more than 2 years, you need to submit it to the customer manager for export in the management background.