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Last Updated: May 24, 2022

You can view detailed information of your bills, including the billing items, usage information, prices, and amount deducted by resource packages.

  • For individual users, you can view the monthly bill details of your account and support export.

  • For enterprise users, you can view the bill details of multiple accounts and query the monthly summary of billing item \instances, which supports export.

1. Bill details list description

The bill details list shows detailed information of bills under the current account and its linked accounts. By default, only bills incurred in the current month are displayed. You can customize the columns to be shown in the bill details list.


1) The bill is displayed in reverse chronological order by default

2) The detailed data shows only the original fees and benefits, not the final settlement amount and taxes.

2. Bill details list functions

[1] User Filter Data:

  • Billing Cycle: you can use the calendar component to filter bills by month. By default, the current month is selected. You can select any of the previous 12 months.

  • Order/Bill Number: enter an order or statement number to filter bills.

  • Instance ID/Name: enter an instance ID or name to filter the cost allocation statistics.

  • Resource Group: select a resource group to filter bills.

  • Cost Center: select a cost center to filter the cost allocation statistics. By default, all cost centers are selected.

  • Account Name: select a linked account to filter the cost allocation statistics. By default, all accounts are selected.

  • Product Name: select a product to filter the cost allocation statistics. By default, all products purchased using the current account and its linked accounts are selected.

  • Billing Method: select a billing method to filter the cost allocation statistics. By default, both Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go are selected.

[2] Customized billing data columns: The user can customize the field columns to be displayed in the customization window. After the customization is successful, the system will display these columns. The cost allocation list will be updated immediately. For more information, see Bill overview.

[3] Export Data Report

  • Current List: export the bills shown in the current list.

  • All: export bills incurred within a specific period of time (up to six months). Only bills incurred in the previous 12 months are available.

  • To export records generated for more than 12 months, you must contact the customer manager to export the records for you.

[4] View statistics

  • Statistic Item: you can filter bills by billing item, instance, account, or cost center.

  • Statistic Period: by default, the bills are shown by billing cycle (month).