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Bill export and download

Last Updated: May 24, 2022

You can go to the bill overview, bills, or bill details page to export bills to a file and then download the file. Use the Export function to export bills to a CSV or PDF file, and then go to the Export History page to download the file.

1. Export billing data

Users can export bill data on the Overview, Bill and Details pages.

On the Details page, you can export bills to a file which contains resource groups for each line item.

The exported format is csv which is a programmatically readable format.

You may export the current list or all content.

  • Export current search data: By default, the current bill and filtered results are exported for one account period.

  • Export All Data: Export the billing content of all accounts. You can specify one or more account periods.


2. Download

After you export bills to a CSV file, the file is saved in Bill Export in the left-side navigation pane.


All the user's export files are displayed on this page. The exported file will be temporarily stored for three days after it is generated, and will be automatically deleted after three days.

The export history list shows the following columns:

  • File Name

  • Type: you can click the filter icon to filter data.

  • Format: you can click the filter icon to filter data.

  • Status: indicates whether the file has expired.

  • Created At

  • Actions:

When the export task is started, the system forms a download task, indicating that the file is being downloaded. The download task usually takes several minutes to complete. You can click the refresh page in the upper-right corner to see if the download task is completed.

After the download is completed, a download link will appear. Click to download.