The billing model of Tracing Analysis was updated at 00:00 on October 11, 2020. The new billing model allows you to use Tracing Analysis in a more cost-efficient and flexible manner. You can use the original billing model until your resource plan is used up. You are automatically charged based on the new billing model after you save the cluster configurations in the console.

Comparison between the original and new billing models

  • Original billing model: You are charged based on the number of spans. All data is stored for 30 days.
  • New billing model: The fixed 30-day price is no longer available. You are charged for consumed computing and storage resources. For more information, see Billing rules.

Update the billing model

  • If you have not purchased a resource plan, you can log on to the Tracing Analysis console and click Save on the Cluster Configurations tab of the Cluster Configurations page. The billing model is automatically updated. On the next day, you can log on to the Tracing Analysis console and click the button in the Resource status section of the Overview page. On the page that appears, you can calculate fees based on the resource status by using the new billing model.
  • If you have purchased a resource plan, you must submit a ticket to request a refund for the resource plan before you can update the billing model.