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Time Series Database:Configure the whitelist of a TSDB instance

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

After you create a Lindorm Time Series Database (TSDB) instance, you must configure the whitelist of the TSDB instance.The IP addresses in the whitelist can access the TSDB instance. A whitelist ensures that your TSDB instance can be accessed in a secure manner.

To add IP addresses to the whitelist of your TSDB instance, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the TSDB console. The Instances page appears.

  2. Find the instance that you want to manage and click Manage in the Actions column. The Instance Details page appears.

  3. In the IP Address Whitelist section, click Modify IP Address Whitelist.

  4. In the Modify IP Address Whitelist dialog box, add the IP addresses from which you want to access the instance and click OK.

    • specifies that all IP addresses can access the instance. This setting poses security risks to your database instance. We recommend that you take note of the security risks and the precautions before you configure this setting.

    • specifies that all IP addresses are prohibited from accessing the instance.

    • If you want to add multiple IP addresses, separate them with commas (,). Do not add a space between two IP addresses.

  5. After you add IP addresses to the whitelist, you can access the TSDB instance from a server whose IP address is in the whitelist.