After creating an TSDB instance, you must set a IP address whitelist for it to be accessed by applications.Setting a IP address whitelist can ensure the access security of your instance.

To set a IP address whitelist, complete the following steps:

  1. Log on to the TSDB console, and enter the Instances page.

  2. In the Actions column of the instance, click Manage, and enter the Instance Details page.

  3. In the IP Address Whitelist section, click Modify IP Address Whitelist.

  4. On the Modify IP Address Whitelist page, enter the IP addresses that are allowed to access the instance, and then click OK. Note:

    • To allow all IP addresses to access the instance, enter “”.This configuration substantially jeopardize the database security, so it is not recommended unless necessary.
    • To prohibit all IP addresses from accessing the instance, enter “”.
    • If you enter multiple IP addresses, separate them with commas, without spaces before or after each comma.

After the setup is complete, you can access the TSDB instance from the IP addresses in the whitelist.