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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

IoT device monitoring and analysis

The IoT devices generate massive device status data and business message data, which can be used for device monitoring, business analysis and prediction, and troubleshooting.

The IoT devices send the original data to Alibaba Cloud IoT through the MQTT protocol. Alibaba Cloud IoT either directly writes the original data into TDSDB for storage, or forwards the original data to the message service system, and then to the stream computing system for it to be processed in real time, and finally writes it into TSDB. The front-end monitoring system and big data processing system use the data query and computing and analysis capabilities of TSDB for business monitoring and analysis result display in real time.


Monitoring and analysis for power, chemical, and manufacturing industries

Conventional power, chemical, and manufacturing industries need to use real-time monitoring systems to monitor device statuses, detect failures, and analyze business trends.

Through the industrial interface protocol, the devices send their status and production data to the industrial device gateway. Then, the data is transferred to Alibaba Cloud IoT through the MQTT protocol and later to the cloud message service system, and finally written into TSDB after it is processed by the stream computing system. By then, the time series data is stored and analyzed.


System O&M and real-time business monitoring

By monitoring the large-scale application clusters and data centers, you can view the device running status, resource usage rate, and business trend in real time, and realize digital operation and automated development and O&M.

The raw metric data is collected and computed in real time through logs or other methods, and then stored into TSDB for subsequent monitoring and analysis.