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Manage data export tasks

Last Updated: May 19, 2022


This topic describes how to use the Log Service console to manage TSDB data export tasks. On the task management page in the Log Service console, you can start or stop tasks, troubleshoot issues by checking the error logs, and monitor the task status.


  • The Log Service and Time Series Database (TSDB) services are purchased.
  • The Log Service and TSDB services reside in the same region. Otherwise, they cannot exchange data.
  • A data export task is created in the Log Service console.

Task management

  1. Log on to the Log Service console, and select the project and the Logstore for which the data export task is created.
  2. Click the right arrow for the target Logstore to show the Logstore drop-down list. Then, click Export, click TSDB, and then click the name of the target TSDB data export task. On the page that appears, you can manage the data export task.


  • The Log Service console shows the values of performance metrics for tasks at certain delays.