This topic describes the benefits of Lindorm Time Series Database (TSDB).

Excellent performance

  • TSDB allows you to perform efficient read and write operations. TSDB provides several times higher read and write performance than open source OpenTSDB and InfluxDB.
  • TSDB supports horizontal scaling. TSDB can be scaled out so that you can read millions of data points and write tens of millions of data points.

Low storage cost

TSDB uses efficient compression algorithms to compress raw data. This can reduce the storage space required for your data by up to 90%.

Ease of use

  • TSDB is compatible with the data access protocol of OpenTSDB and is developer-friendly.
  • The easy-to-use TSDB console provides diverse data management and O&M features. You can use the TSDB console to manage and maintain your data in a simplified manner.

Professional O&M support

  • TSDB is developed by a team of world-class database experts who provide professional technical support.
    Note For technical discussion and support, you can join the Expert Service DingTalk group by searching for the DingTalk group ID 35977898.
  • TSDB provides a professional monitoring and alerting system to facilitate O&M.
  • TSDB supports OSs developed by Chinese vendors and is compatible with mainstream databases developed by Chinese vendors and mainstream databases in the industry. TSDB also offers comprehensive and professional O&M features that you can use to manage and maintain the databases.