This topic describes how to use the help option to view all supported options.

  • Command syntax

    You can also view all options of a single command by using command keyword help. For example, you can run the alter help command to view all options of the alter command.

  • Returned result
      alter                      Alter table
      clear                      Clear the screen
      config                     Setup the configuration to access Tablestore
      consume_tunnel             Consume tunnel and print stream data
      create                     Create a new table
      create_index               Create a new secondary index
      create_instance            Create a new instance
      create_search_index        Create a new search index
      create_tunnel              Create tunnel.
      del                        Delete the specific row of table
      desc                       Describe table
      describe_instance          Describe the instance, to get the detail info
      describe_search_index      Describe the search index to get detail info
      describe_tunnel            Get the tunnel's detail info
      drop                       Drop the table
      drop_index                 Drop the secondary index
      drop_search_index          Drop search index
      drop_tunnel                Drop the tunnel
      enable_service             Enable ots service before you start to use Tablestore, it is totally free
      exit                       Exit the program
      export                     Export the whole data of table to file
      get                        Get row by primary key from table
      get_splits                 Logically divide the data of the full table into several splits close to the specified size
      getts                      Get data from timeseries table
      help                       Display help
      import                     Load the data into table, only WideColumn table is supported  
      import_timeseries          Load the data into time series table, only TimeSeries table is supported  
      list                   List all tables
      list_instance              List all the instances
      list_search_index          List all the search indexes of the table
      list_tunnel                List all the tunnels of the table
      press_check                Check data for press
      press_input                Input data for press
      put                        Insert a row into table
      putts                      put data to a timeseries table
      query_ts_meta              Query timeseries meta information
      quit                       Quit the program
      scan                       Scan table
      search                     Execute search query on search index
      sql                        Run in SQL mode, then you can use SQL to select data
      update                     Update the row in table, it will insert a new row if it is not exist
      update_ts_meta             Update attributes for timeseries
      use                        Choose table to use