TableOptions indicates the table parameters, including TimeToLive and MaxVersions.

Data structure

message TableOptions {
    optional int32 time_to_live = 1; // It can be dynamically modified
    optional int32 max_versions = 2; // It can be dynamically modified
    optional int64 deviation_cell_version_in_sec = 5; // It can be dynamically modified
  • Type: int32

  • The retention time of data stored in this table (unit: second).

  • Type: int32

  • The maximum number of versions stored in this table.

  • Type: int64

  • The maximum version deviation. This parameter is used to forbid writing data that deviates from the expected output. For example, if the value of deviation_cell_version_in_sec is 1000 and the current time stamp is 10000, the allowed time stamp range to be written is [10000 – 1000, 10000 + 1000].