You can execute the drop mapping table statement to delete mapping tables.

Note For more information about the drop mapping table statement, see Delete mapping tables.


Usage notes

Tablestore SDK for Java V5.13.0 or later supports the SQL query feature. Before you use the SQL query feature, make sure that Tablestore SDK for Java V5.13.0 or later is obtained. For more information about the version history of Tablestore SDK for Java, see Tablestore SDK for Java.


Parameter Description
query The SQL statement. Configure the parameter based on the required feature.


Execute the drop mapping table test_table statement to delete the mapping table of the table named test_table.

private static void dropMappingTable(SyncClient client) {
    // Create a SQL request. 
    SQLQueryRequest request = new SQLQueryRequest("drop mapping table test_table");

    // Obtain the response to the SQL request. 
    SQLQueryResponse response = client.sqlQuery(request);