This topic describes the SQL statements that are supported by the Tablestore SQL engine.

Notice The SQL query feature is in public preview. During public preview, you can use the SQL query feature free of charge. Billing for the SQL query feature starts only after the public preview. If an error occurs when you use the SQL query feature, submit a ticket.
SQL statement Description Supported
CREATE TABLE Creates a mapping table for an existing data table. Yes
Creates a mapping table for an existing search index. Yes
ALTER TABLE Adds, modifies, or deletes columns. Available soon
SHOW TABLES Displays the names of tables in the current database. Yes
SELECT Queries data. Yes
DROP MAPPING TABLE Deletes a mapping table. Yes
DROP TABLE Deletes a data table. Available soon
CREATE INDEX Creates an index. No
SHOW INDEX Queries information about an index. Yes
INSERT Writes data. No
SELECT JOIN Performs a data query that joins multiple tables. No