You can call the DescribeTable operation to query the description such as the schema information, reserved read throughput, and reserved write throughput of a table.

Note For more information about the DescribeTable operation, see DescribeTable.


  • The OTSClient is initialized. For more information, see Initialization.
  • A data table is created.

API operations

def describe_table(self, table_name):

The return value is the description of the table. describe_table_response indicates the description of the table, which is an instance of the ots2.metadata.DescribeTableResponse class.


table_nameThe name of the table.


The following code provides an example on how to query the description of a table:

    describe_response = ots_client.describe_table('myTable')
    # If no exception is thrown, the description is obtained and the following information is displayed: 
    print "describe table succeeded."
    print ('TableName: %s' % describe_response.table_meta.table_name)
    print ('PrimaryKey: %s' % describe_response.table_meta.schema_of_primary_key)
    print ('Reserved read throughput: %s' %
    print ('Reserved write throughput: %s' % describe_response.reserved_throughput_details.capacity_unit.write)
    print ('Last increase throughput time: %s' % describe_response.reserved_throughput_details.last_increase_time)
    print ('Last decrease throughput time: %s' % describe_response.reserved_throughput_details.last_decrease_time)
    print ('table options\'s time to live: %s' % describe_response.table_options.time_to_live)
    print ('table options\'s max version: %s' % describe_response.table_options.max_version)
    print ('table options\'s max_time_deviation: %s' % describe_response.table_options.max_time_deviation)
except Exception:
    # If an exception is thrown, the operation fails and the system handles the exception. 
    print "describe table failed."

For the detailed sample code, visit DescribeTable@GitHub.