Tablestore HBase Client is used in a similar but differentiated way to HBase. This topic introduces the features of Tablestore HBase Client.


Tablestore supports only single ColumnFamilies.

Row and Cell

  • Tablestore does not support ACL settings.
  • Tablestore does not support Cell Visibility settings.
  • Tablestore does not support Tag settings.


Tablestore supports only single ColumnFamilies. Therefore, Tablestore does not support ColumnFamily-related operations, including:

  • setColumnFamilyTimeRange(byte[] cf, long minStamp, long maxStamp)
  • setMaxResultsPerColumnFamily(int limit)
  • setRowOffsetPerColumnFamily(int offset)


Similar to GET, Tablestore does not support ColumnFamily-related operations and cannot be used to set partial optimization operations, including:

  • setBatch(int batch)
  • setMaxResultSize(long maxResultSize)
  • setAllowPartialResults(boolean allowPartialResults)
  • setLoadColumnFamiliesOnDemand(boolean value)
  • setSmall(boolean small)


Tablestore does not support BatchCallback.

Mutations and Deletions

  • Tablestore does not support the deletion of the specified ColumnFamily.
  • Tablestore does not support the deletion of the versions that has the latest timestamp.
  • Tablestore does not support the deletion of all versions earlier than the specified timestamp.

Increment and Append

Tablestore does not support Increment or Append.


  • Tablestore supports ColumnPaginationFilter.
  • Tablestore supports FilterList.
  • Tablestore partially supports SingleColumnValueFilter, and supports only BinaryComparator.
  • Tablestore does not support other filters.


Some of the HBase operations involve access and storage optimization. The following operations are not opened in Tablestore:

  • blockcache: The default value is true, which cannot be modified.
  • blocksize: The default value is 64 KB, which cannot be modified.
  • IsolationLevel: The default value is READ_COMMITTED, which cannot be modified.
  • Consistency: The default value is STRONG, which cannot be modified.


The org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.Admin operations of HBase are used for management and control, most of which are not required in Tablestore.

Tablestore is a cloud service that automatically performs operations such as operation and maintenance, management, and control, which you do not need to concern about. Tablestore does not support a few of other operations.

  • CreateTable

    Tablestore supports only single ColumnFamilies. Therefore, you can create only one ColumnFamily when you create a table. The ColumnFamily supports the MaxVersions and TimeToLive parameters.

  • Maintenance task

    In Tablestore, the following operations related to task maintenance are automatically processed:

    • abort(String why, Throwable e)
    • balancer()
    • enableCatalogJanitor(boolean enable)
    • getMasterInfoPort()
    • isCatalogJanitorEnabled()
    • rollWALWriter(ServerName serverName) -runCatalogScan()
    • setBalancerRunning(boolean on, boolean synchronous)
    • updateConfiguration(ServerName serverName)
    • updateConfiguration()
    • stopMaster()
    • shutdown()
  • Namespaces

    In Tablestore, the instance name is similar to Namespaces in HBase. Therefore, Tablestore does not support Namespaces-related operations, including:

    • createNamespace(NamespaceDescriptor descriptor)
    • modifyNamespace(NamespaceDescriptor descriptor)
    • getNamespaceDescriptor(String name)
    • listNamespaceDescriptors()
    • listTableDescriptorsByNamespace(String name)
    • listTableNamesByNamespace(String name)
    • deleteNamespace(String name)
  • Region

    Tablestore automatically performs Region-related operations. Therefore, it does not support the following operations:

    • assign(byte[] regionName)
    • closeRegion(byte[] regionname, String serverName)
    • closeRegion(ServerName sn, HRegionInfo hri)
    • closeRegion(String regionname, String serverName)
    • closeRegionWithEncodedRegionName(String encodedRegionName, String serverName)
    • compactRegion(byte[] regionName)
    • compactRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] columnFamily)
    • compactRegionServer(ServerName sn, boolean major)
    • flushRegion(byte[] regionName)
    • getAlterStatus(byte[] tableName)
    • getAlterStatus(TableName tableName)
    • getCompactionStateForRegion(byte[] regionName)
    • getOnlineRegions(ServerName sn)
    • majorCompactRegion(byte[] regionName)
    • majorCompactRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] columnFamily)
    • mergeRegions(byte[] encodedNameOfRegionA, byte[] encodedNameOfRegionB, boolean forcible)
    • move(byte[] encodedRegionName, byte[] destServerName)
    • offline(byte[] regionName)
    • splitRegion(byte[] regionName)
    • splitRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] splitPoint)
    • stopRegionServer(String hostnamePort)
    • unassign(byte[] regionName, boolean force)


Tablestore does not support Snapshots-related operations.


Tablestore does not support Replication-related operations.


Tablestore does not support Coprocessors-related operations.

Distributed procedures

Tablestore does not support Distributed procedures-related operations.

Table management

Tablestore automatically performs Table-related operations, which does not need to be concerned. Therefore, Tablestore does not support the following operations:

  • compact(TableName tableName)
  • compact(TableName tableName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • flush(TableName tableName)
  • getCompactionState(TableName tableName)
  • majorCompact(TableName tableName)
  • majorCompact(TableName tableName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • modifyTable(TableName tableName, HTableDescriptor htd)
  • split(TableName tableName)
  • split(TableName tableName, byte[] splitPoint)


Tablestore is a cloud service. To guarantee the optimal overall performance, some parameters are limited and cannot be reconfigured. For more information about the limits, see General limits.