You can call the DeleteTimeseries operation to delete a time series table.



Parameter Description
timeseriesTableName The name of the time series table.


 * Use DeleteTimeseriesTableSample to delete a time series table named timeseriesTableName in the instance. 
func DeleteTimeseriesTableSample(client *tablestore.TimeseriesClient , timeseriesTableName string) {
    fmt.Println("[Info]: Begin to delete timeseries table !")
    // Construct the request to delete the time series table. 
    deleteTimeseriesTableRequest := tablestore.NewDeleteTimeseriesTableRequest(timeseriesTableName)
    // Call the time series client to delete the time series table. 
    deleteTimeseriesTableResponse , err := client.DeleteTimeseriesTable(deleteTimeseriesTableRequest)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("[Error]: Delete timeseries table failed with error: " , err)
    fmt.Println("[Info]: DeleteTimeseriesTableSample finished ! RequestId: " , deleteTimeseriesTableResponse.RequestId)