This topic provides billing examples to describes how Tablestore calculates fees.

Background information

A user in the United States creates a high-performance instance after they activate Tablestore. Data in the table of the instance supports queries per second (QPS) of 10000 and throughput of smaller than 4 KB (1 CU). The user wants to learn about how Tablestore calculates fees related to the table within one day.

Case analysis

Note The unit price for Tablestore was released on the Alibaba Cloud official website on August 1, 2018. To remain updated on the unit price, log on to the Alibaba Cloud official website.
Billing item Unit price for high-performance instances
Additional read throughput USD 0.0030 per 10,000 CUs

Additional read throughput within the day is charged based on the formula:

Read throughput fees = 10000 × 86400/10000 × 0.0030. A total of USD 259.2 is charged.

Note When Tablestore calculates additional read/write throughput fees, the total number of consumed CUs is calculated. In this example, the total number of consumed CUs is 864 million CUs (10000 × 86400).