You can call the DescribeSearchIndex operation to query the description of a search index for a table, including fields and configurations of the search index.


  • The OTSClient is initialized. For more information, see Initialization.
  • A data table is created. Data is written to the table.
  • A search index is created for the data table. For more information, see Create search indexes.


table_nameThe name of the table.
index_nameThe name of the search index.


index_meta, sync_stat = client.describe_search_index(table_name, index_name)
print json.dumps(index_meta, default=lambda x:x.__dict__, indent=2) // Display the index_meta information of the search index.
print json.dumps(sync_stat, default=lambda x:x.__dict__, indent=2) // Display the synchronization status of data in the search index.