The Server Migration Center (SMC) API is an RPC-based API and can be called by using the GET and POST methods. This topic describes how to call the SMC API. Each SMC API request must be signed and authenticated.


You can use developer tools such as OpenAPI Explorer, Alibaba Cloud CLI, Cloud Shell, and SDKs to debug and call Alibaba Cloud APIs.
  • OpenAPI Explorer

    OpenAPI Explorer is a visual web API calling tool. You can call Alibaba Cloud APIs to send requests and view response parameters in OpenAPI Explorer. For more information, see Alibaba Cloud OpenAPI Explorer User Guide.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI

    Alibaba Cloud CLI is an open source tool that is built on Alibaba Cloud SDK for Go. You can use Alibaba Cloud CLI to manage your Alibaba Cloud resources. For more information, see Alibaba Cloud CLI User Guide.

  • Cloud Shell

    Cloud Shell is a web-based command line tool. You can use Cloud Shell from a web browser to run cloud commands and manage Alibaba Cloud resources. For more information, see Cloud Shell User Guide.


    You can obtain SMC SDKs from SDK.

Request syntax

This section describes the structure of an HTTP or HTTPS API request. Use the following URL format for a GET request:
  • Endpoint: the endpoint of the cloud service. Example:
  • Action: the operation that you want to perform in the current request. For example, you can create a migration task by setting this value to CreateReplicationJob.
  • Parameters: the request parameters, which consist of both common and API-specific request parameters. Separate the request parameters with ampersands (&).
The following example shows how to call the CreateReplicationJob operation:
&Common request parameters


The endpoint of the SMC API is

Common parameters

The following table describes the common request parameters that you can specify when you send GET requests to call the SMC API.
Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes CreateReplicationJob The operation that you want to perform. For more information, see List of operations by function.
AccessKeyId String Yes LTAIp4********fjx The AccessKey ID. For more information, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.
Signature String Yes OLeaidS1JvxuMvnyHOwuJ%2BuX5qY%3D The signature string. For more information, see Request signatures.
SignatureMethod String Yes HMAC-SHA1 The encryption method of the signature string. Set the value to HMAC-SHA1.
SignatureVersion String Yes 1.0 The version of the signature encryption algorithm. Set the value to 1.0.
SignatureNonce String Yes 3ee8c1b8-****-44af-****-4e0ad82fd6cf A unique, random number used to prevent replay attacks. You must use different numbers for different requests.
Timestamp String Yes 2018-01-01T12:00:00Z The timestamp of the request. The time follows the ISO 8601 standard in the yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ format. The time must be displayed in UTC.
Version String Yes 2014-08-28 The version number of the API. The value must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Set the value to 2019-06-01.
Format String No json The format in which to return the response. Valid values: JSON and XML.

Default value: JSON

RAM authorization

The following table describes the authentication rules for some SMC API operations. For information about the Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) formats of SMC API resources, see RAM terms.
Action ARN value
DeleteSourceServer acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:sourceServer/$sourceId
DescribeSourceServers acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:sourceServer/*
ModifySourceServerAttribute acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:sourceServer/$sourceId
  • acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:sourceServer/$sourceId
  • acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/*
DeleteReplicationJob acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/$jobId
DescribeReplicationJobs acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/*
ModifyReplicationJobAttribute acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/$jobId
StartReplicationJob acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/$jobId
StopReplicationJob acs:smc:$regionid:$accountid:replicationJob/$jobId