This topic describes the terms of Smart Access Gateway (SAG).

Term Description
Smart Access Gateway

Smart Access Gateway is a one-stop solution for connecting private networks to Alibaba Cloud.

SAG allows enterprises to connect to the nearest VPC network through encrypted connections over the Internet. This is a more intelligent, secure, and reliable approach to migrate workloads to Alibaba Cloud.

Smart Access Gateway device

Smart Access Gateway devices are customer-premises equipment (CPE) devices that connect private networks to Alibaba Cloud.

To purchase an SAG device, create an SAG instance in the SAG console. Alibaba Cloud will deliver an SAG device to the specified address. You can also query the shipping status and configure SAG devices in the SAG console.

Cloud Connect Network (CCN)

CCN is a device matrix that consists of Alibaba Cloud distributed gateways.

You can associate multiple SAG devices with a CCN instance and then associate the CCN instance with a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance to establish connections between private networks and Alibaba Cloud.