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Log Service:create_consumer_group

Last Updated:Oct 26, 2023

Creates a consumer group for a specified Logstore.

Request syntax

aliyunlog log create_consumer_group --project=<value> --logstore=<value> --consumer_group=<value> --timeout=<value> [--in_order=<value>] [--access-id=<value>] [--access-key=<value>] [--sts-token=<value>] [--region-endpoint=<value>] [--client-name=<value>] [--jmes-filter=<value>] [--format-output=<value>] [--decode-output=<value>]

Request parameters

The following table describes the required and specific parameters of the create_consumer_group command.
--projectStringYesaliyun-test-projectThe name of the project.
--logstoreStringYeslogstore-aThe name of the Logstore.
--consumer_groupStringYesconsumer-group-1The name of the consumer group. The name must be unique in a project.
--timeoutIntegerYes300The timeout period. Unit: seconds.

The consumer sends heartbeats to Log Service at a regular interval to establish a connection. If Log Service does not receive the heartbeats sent by the consumer within the timeout period, Log Service releases the resources that are occupied by the consumer.

--in_orderBooleanNotrueSpecifies whether to consume data in sequence from a shard. Valid values:
  • true: The data in a shard is consumed in sequence. If the shard is split, the data in the original shard is consumed first. Then, the data in the new shards is consumed at the same time.
  • false (default value): The data in a shard is randomly consumed.
For information about the global parameters of the Log Service command-line interface (CLI), see Global parameters.


  • Sample requests
    Use the default account to create a consumer group for a Logstore named logstore-a.
    aliyunlog log create_consumer_group --project="aliyun-test-project" --logstore="logstore-a" --consumer_group="consumer-group-1" --timeout="300" --in_order=true
  • Sample responses

    After you run the command, no responses are returned.

Error codes

If an error message is returned, fix the error based on the error codes of the related API operation. For more information, see Error codes of CreateConsumerGroup.

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