You can unshare a custom image when you no longer need to share the custom image or you want to delete the custom image.

Background information

When you unshare a custom image, take note of the following items:
  • After you unshare the custom image, you cannot query or use the custom image in the ECS console or by calling ECS API operations.
  • The system disks of ECS instances that were created by using the shared image cannot be re-initialized.


  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Images.
  3. Find the custom image that you want to unshare and click Cancel sharing to ECS in the Operation column.
    When the following changes occur on the information displayed in the Operation column, the custom image is unshared:
    • Cancel sharing to ECS changes to Share to ECS.
    • Create ECS is dimmed and unavailable.