This topic describes the benefits of Simple Application Server. This topic also compares the key features of Simple Application Server with virtual private servers (VPS) and webspaces. You can build a simple application server as a single cloud server and use the server to manage applications.


  • Easy-to-use
    • You can deploy and use simple application servers with just a few clicks.
    • You can use Simple Application Server to manage applications and perform operations and maintenance.
    • Simple Application Server is integrated with other Alibaba Cloud services.
  • Cost-effective
    • High performance: Simple Application Server uses the resources of Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and is equipped with standard SSDs.
    • Low price: Simple Application Server provides cost-effective subscription plans than other cloud resources.

Comparison of key features

Feature Simple Application Server VPS Webspace
System image Supported Supported Supported
Custom image Supported Not supported Not supported
Independent IP address Supported Supported Not supported
Remote server logon Supported Supported Not supported
Server management and monitoring Supported Supported Not supported
Server-based application management Supported Not supported Not supported
Firewall Supported Supported Not supported
Data backup Supported Not supported Not supported
Domain name management Supported Not supported Supported
HTTPS-encrypted access enabled with just a few clicks Supported Not supported Not supported
Remote website logon over Secure Shell (SSH) Supported Not supported Not supported
Integration of commonly used cloud services Supported Not supported Not supported