Short Message Service (SMS) is a messaging service that is provided by Alibaba Cloud. SMS provides an efficient method for you to send one-time passwords and notification messages. SMS provides carrier-grade operations and maintenance (O&M) capabilities, monitors performance of SMS channels in real time, supports automatic channel switchover, and achieves a delivery rate of 99%. SMS provides a wide range of API operations that allow you to send individual text messages, send text messages in batches, and query the delivery statuses of text messages.

Request methods

You can use the following methods to call SMS API operations:

  • Use the SDKs that are developed by using various programming languages for SMS. We recommend that you use this method.
  • Use OpenAPI Explorer that is provided by Alibaba Cloud.
    Notice OpenAPI Explorer configurations:
    • Version: 2018-05-01
    • RegionId: ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)
    • Site: Internation

Usage notes

Take note of the following information before you call API operations:

  • Before you call API operations to send text messages to the Chinese mainland, you must create signatures and specify the message content in the SMS console. You must also obtain the parameter values for the signatures and the message content.
  • The signatures and message content of the text messages sent to the Chinese mainland can be used only when they are approved.