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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Alibaba Cloud SMS allows you to display sender information, customize content formats, enable intelligent transmission, manage delivery, and query data.

Customize content formats

Downstream text messages and URLs.

Enable intelligent transmission

SMS supports the following intelligent transmission features:

  • Segments a message that is more than 140 bytes in length into multiple messages during delivery, and concatenates back the messages into one at the receiver end.

  • Selects the best data channel in real time based on the performance of each channel to ensure the highest SMS delivery rate.

  • Supports a maximum of 1,000 mobile numbers per second when you call an API operation to send a message.

Manage delivery

SMS supports the following delivery management features:

  • Sets a message sending frequency for specified phone numbers to provide optimal customer experience.

  • Sets a volume threshold on the number of messages you can send and generate an alert. This allows you to ensure account security and control the budget.

Query data

SMS supports the following data query features:

  • Queries records of sent messages and causes of delivery failures in real time.

  • Queries the usage of SMS resource plans.

  • Queries reports on message sending details.

Support the SenderID parameter

You can specify the SenderID parameter when you use the new API version. For more information about how to specify the SenderID parameter, see SenderID.