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:Functions and features

Last Updated:Sep 20, 2022

This topic describes the functions and features of Alibaba Cloud Short Message Service (SMS) to help you get started with SMS.

Text message

SMS allows you to call API operations and SDKs or use the SMS console to send text messages, including verification codes, notifications, and promotional messages to global customers.

Mass messaging

  • You can send test messages in the SMS console.

  • You can send multiple messages to recipients in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

Delivery frequency

You can configure delivery intervals to limit message delivery frequency to avoid spam.

Business metrics

  • You can view metrics about SMS, including details about messaging campaigns and trends about message delivery in the SMS console.

  • You can look up messaging records by delivery date, mobile phone number, destination country or region, or delivery status in the SMS console.

  • You can view your monthly bills, including prepaid and postpaid bills.

Sender ID registration

The latest SMS API allows you to register sender IDs. For more information, see Register a sender ID.