The following tables describe API operations available for use in Application Load Balancer (ALB).

Region and zone management

API Description
DescribeRegions Queries regions.
DescribeZones Queries zones in a region.
UpdateLoadBalancerZones Modifies the zones of an ALB instance.

ALB instance management

API Description


Creates an ALB instance.


Deletes a pay-as-you-go ALB instance.


Disables deletion protection for an ALB instance.
EnableDeletionProtection Enables deletion protection for an ALB instance.
GetLoadBalancerAttribute Queries the detailed configuration of an ALB instance based on a specified instance ID.
ListLoadBalancers Queries ALB instances in a specified region.
UpdateLoadBalancerAttribute Modifies the attributes of an ALB instance, such as status, name, and configuration read-only mode.
UpdateLoadBalancerEdition Updates the edition of an ALB instance.
UpdateLoadBalancerAddressTypeConfig Modifies the network type of an ALB instance.

Listener management

API Description
CreateListener Creates an HTTP, HTTPS, or QUIC listener.
DeleteListener Deletes a listener.
GetListenerAttribute Queries the details of a listener.
ListListeners Queries listeners.
StartListener Enables a listener.
StopListener Disables a listener.
UpdateListenerAttribute Updates the configuration of a listener.
UpdateListenerLogConfig Updates the log configuration of a listener.

Forwarding rule management

API Description
CreateRule Creates a forwarding rule.
CreateRules Creates one or more forwarding rules.
DeleteRule Deletes a specified forwarding rule.
DeleteRules Deletes one or more forwarding rules.
ListRules Queries forwarding rules.
UpdateRuleAttribute Updates the attributes of a forwarding rule.

Health check management

API Description
CreateHealthCheckTemplate Creates a health check template.
DeleteHealthCheckTemplates Deletes one or more health check templates.
GetListenerHealthStatus Queries the health check status of a listener and the forwarding rules that are configured for the listener.
ListHealthCheckTemplates Queries the attributes of health check templates.
UpdateHealthCheckTemplateAttribute Modifies the attributes of a specified health check template.

Tag management

API Description
ListTagKeys Queries tag keys of specified resources.
ListTagValues Queries tag values of specified resources.
ListTagResources Queries tag keys and tag values of specified resources.
TagResources Adds one or more tags to specified resources.
UnTagResources Removes tags from specified resources.

Server certificate management

API Description
AssociateAdditionalCertificatesWithListener Adds additional certificates to an HTTPS listener or a QUIC listener.
DissociateAdditionalCertificatesFromListener Removes additional certificates from an HTTPS listener or a QUIC listener.
ListListenerCertificates Queries additional certificates of an HTTPS or QUIC listener.

Security policy management

API Description
CreateSecurityPolicy Creates a custom security policy.
ListSystemSecurityPolicies Queries system security policies in a specified region.
ListSecurityPolicies Queries custom security policies.
UpdateSecurityPolicyAttribute Updates the attributes of a specified security policy.
DeleteSecurityPolicy Deletes a custom security policy.
ListSecurityPolicyRelations Queries listeners associated with specified security policies.

Access control list (ACL) management

API Description
CreateAcl Creates an ACL.
UpdateAclAttribute Modifies the attributes of an ACL.
AddEntriesToAcl Adds IP entries to an ACL.
RemoveEntriesFromAcl Deletes IP entries from a specified ACL.
ListAclEntries Queries entries of an ACL.
ListAcls Queries the ACLs in a region.
ListAclRelations Queries listeners associated with a specified ACL.
DeleteAcl Deletes an ACL.
AssociateAclsWithListener Associates ACLs with a listener.
DissociateAclsFromListener Disassociates ACLs from a listener.

Access log management

API Description
EnableLoadBalancerAccessLog Enables the access log feature for an ALB instance.
DisableLoadBalancerAccessLog Disables the access log feature for an ALB instance.

Server group management

API Description
CreateServerGroup Creates a server group.
DeleteServerGroup Deletes a server group.
UpdateServerGroupAttribute Modifies the configuration of a server group.
ListServerGroups Queries server groups.
ListServerGroupServers Queries servers in a specified server group.
AddServersToServerGroup Adds servers to a specified server group.
RemoveServersFromServerGroup Removes servers from a specified server group.
ReplaceServersInServerGroup Replaces backend servers in a server group.
UpdateServerGroupServersAttribute Updates the attributes of specified backend servers in a server group, such as the weight and description.

Resource group management

API Description
MoveResourceGroup Moves a resource to a different resource group.

Asynchronous task management

API Description
ListAsynJobs Queries asynchronous tasks. The tasks are listed in reverse chronological order.