Guaranteed-performance SLB instances allow you to associate multiple certificates to an HTTPS listener to distribute requests from different domain names to different backend servers.

Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to SSL and TLS and allows a server to install multiple SSL certificates on the same IP address. When a client accesses SLB, the certificate configured for the access domain name is used by default. If no certificate is configured for the domain name, the certificate configured for the HTTPS listener is used.

  • Only guaranteed-performance SLB instances support SNI.
  • SLB supports the following public key algorithms:
    • RSA 1024
    • RSA 2048
    • RSA 4096
    • ECDSA P-256
    • ECDSA P-384
    • ECDSA P-521

If you want to resolve multiple domain names to the IP address of an SLB instance, distribute requests from different domains to different backend servers, and at the same time use HTTPS encrypted access, you can use the additional certificate feature.

The additional certificate feature is available in all regions.