This topic describes the bandwidth limits of pay-as-you-go Classic Load Balancer (CLB) instances in differentregions.

  • The bandwidth limits of internal-facing CLB instances are 5 Gbit/s in all regions.
  • For each pay-by-bandwidth CLB instance, the inbound bandwidth limit is the same as the outbound bandwidth limit.
  • The bandwidth limit of a pay-by-data-transfer CLB instance indicates the upper limit of data transfer rate and is used only for reference. The peak bandwidth is not guaranteed.
  • The bandwidth limit of a pay-by-bandwidth CLB instance indicates the peak bandwidth and is a guaranteed value.
  • When CLB instances compete for resources, the peak bandwidth of pay-by-bandwidth CLB instances is guaranteed but the peak bandwidth of pay-by-data-transfer CLB instances may be limited.
Region Bandwidth limit
China (Qingdao) 5 Gbps
China (Hangzhou) 5 Gbps
China (Beijing) 5 Gbps
China (Shanghai) 5 Gbps
China (Shenzhen) 5 Gbps
China (Zhangjiakou) 5 Gbps
China (Hohhot) 5 Gbps
China (Hong Kong) 2 Gbps
US (Virginia) 1 Gbps
US (Silicon Valley) 2 Gbps
Japan (Tokyo) 1 Gbps
Singapore (Singapore) 5 Gbps
Australia (Sydney) 1 Gbps
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 5 Gbps
UAE (Dubai) 500 Mbps
Germany (Frankfurt) 1 Gbps
India (Mumbai) 5 Gbps