Alibaba Cloud provides two editions of Application Load Balancer (ALB) instances: basic and standard. The resource quotas vary based on the edition. This topic describes the quotas for basic and standard ALB instances.

ALB Basic Standard
Additional certificates per ALB instance (not counting default certificates) 10 25
Forwarding rules per ALB instance (not counting default forwarding rules) 40 100
Listeners per ALB instance 50 50
Backend servers per ALB instance 200 1000
Network access control lists (ACLs) per listener 3 3
Network ACL entries per listener 300 1000
Custom security polices per region 50
Health check templates per region 50
ALB instances per region 60
Network ACLs per region 1000
Server groups per region 3000
Server group
Listeners or forwarding rules per server group 50
Number of times a backend server (IP address) can be specified per ALB server group 200
Backend servers (IP addresses and ports) per server group 1000
Forwarding rule
Actions per forwarding rule 3 5
Match conditions per forwarding rule 5 10
Wildcards per forwarding rule 5 10
Network ACL and security policy
Listeners per network ACL 50
Entries per network ACL 1000
Listeners per custom security policy 10