Security Center provides automatic orchestration and response capabilities on the Playbook page. This allows you to orchestrate the logic of repetitive tasks in the response to security events into automatic processing policies and helps you reinforce the security of your system. After you create an automatic vulnerability fixing task, the task automatically runs on the assets that you select. This topic describes the operations that you can perform on the tabs such as Policy Center and Task Management.

Background information

You can create only automatic vulnerability fixing tasks on the Playbook page.


Only the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Security Center support this feature. If you do not use these editions, you must upgrade Security Center to the Enterprise or Ultimate edition before you can use this feature. For more information about how to purchase and upgrade Security Center, see Purchase Security Center and Upgrade and downgrade Security Center. For more information about the features that each edition supports, see Functions and features.

Operations on the Policy Center tab

The Policy Center tab displays the template policy named Automatic batch vulnerability fixing policies that is provided by Security Center. This template policy can be used to automatically fix vulnerabilities on multiple servers. To create policies by using this template policy, perform the following operations: In the Actions column, click Clone. A policy is created and is added to the My Policy tab. Policy Center

Operations on the My Policy tab

The My Policy tab displays information about created policies. The information includes the names, types, modes, creation time, and last update time. On the tab, you can create tasks by using an existing policy.

My Policy

Operations on the Task Management tab

The Task Management tab displays the information about created tasks. The information includes the names, the number of times that the tasks have been executed, modes, creation time, end time, and task status. On the tab, you can view the details of the created tasks. Task Management