This topic describes the common scenarios of Security Center.

Classified protection compliance

MLPS 2.0

MLPS 2.0 outlines level 2 and level 3 requirements for intrusion prevention, identity authentication, and security audit to ensure the security of servers. Security Center can perform compliance checks against more than 15 requirements at MLPS 2.0 level 2 and level 3.


Security Center provides baselines against more than 15 requirements at MLPS 2.0 level 2 and level 3. You can use the baselines to scan your servers with only a few clicks. You can also fix the risks that are detected by the baseline checks.

Protection for servers in hybrid clouds

Protection solutions for servers in hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments

Security Center can protect servers that are deployed on Alibaba Cloud, data centers, and third-party clouds. You can use Security Center features to protect all types of servers and implement O&M in the Security Center console in a centralized manner. This reduces the costs of security management. The Security Center features include virus detection and removal, vulnerability scan, and anti-ransomware.


Alibaba Cloud security allows you to manage servers in multi-cloud environments and hybrid clouds in a centralized manner. Alibaba Cloud security also provides security capabilities and services for servers in data centers.

Container protection

Protection solutions for containers

Security Center protects containers throughout the container lifecycle based on the Alibaba Cloud Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework that is developed to ensure the security of containers. The lifecycle covers container building, container deployment, and container running. Security Center uses the cloud native technology to build security capabilities for containers in a comprehensive manner and provide comprehensive protection for containerized processes of enterprises in the cloud.


Alibaba Cloud releases security solutions to protect containers throughout the container lifecycle.