As more and more enterprises adopt hybrid cloud solutions, the demand for unified security management in the hybrid cloud architecture also increases. Security Center supports multiple cloud platforms to provide a complete solution for security operations and management in a hybrid cloud architecture. The solution provides unified views, user experience, and management to enterprises, and reduces the security risks to business workloads in the hybrid cloud architecture. This improves the overall security operations efficiency.

Security capabilities of Security Center

Security capabilities of Security Center

Introduction to the hybrid cloud security solution

Security Center launched the hybrid cloud security solution in September 2019. The solution is designed to help enterprises ensure security in hybrid cloud deployment. Security Center enables adaptability with hybrid clouds, so that enterprises can achieve unified security management across Alibaba Cloud, Apsara Stack, user-managed data centers, and third-party clouds. Enterprises can also implement consistent security policies by using the Security Center console. This precludes attack risks caused by inconsistent security capabilities between different platforms. By now, the hybrid cloud security solution has been implemented in various industries, such as government, education, Techfin, and tobacco. In addition, best practices for these implementations are accumulated and are available for enterprises in the cloud. Security framework of Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud security solution is designed to address server security issues. It provides operation references for enterprises to implement security solutions in hybrid cloud deployment.

If enterprises need to centrally manage servers on hybrid clouds, they must pay attention to the following items:
  • Deployment and configuration: including network connectivity management, Security Center agent installation, and Security Center agent configuration
  • Security hardening: including vulnerability detection, vulnerability fixing, security baseline check, and security baseline fixing
  • Protection and detection: including intrusion detection, security alerting, alert notification, and global threat detection
  • Responses and tracing: including automated security repair, event tracing and investigation, and security log analysis


The hybrid cloud security solution is suitable for enterprises that deploy Security Center on hybrid clouds across environments, such as Alibaba Cloud and data centers.


What is Security Center?

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