Alibaba Cloud Real-Time Communication (RTC) is a development platform for delivering real-time audio and video content around the world. The platform leverages cutting-edge audio and video encoding and decoding, channel transmission, and network scheduling technologies to provide high-quality audio and video communication with high availability and ultra-low latency.


Alibaba Cloud RTC provides SDKs for mobile devices, PCs, and web browsers to help you develop multi-device, real-time applications within a short period of time. For more information about how to access RTC, see Overview.

After you set up a client SDK, you can call an API operation on the client to access the RTC server. After you join a channel or enter a room on RTC, you can ingest streams and subscribe to users. Users in the same channel or room can make audio and video calls with each other in real time.

Powered by more than 1,500 Alibaba Cloud points of presence (POPs), RTC provides a global real-time intelligent scheduling system and a real-time media processing system. RTC uses industry-leading algorithms, such as 3A (AGC, AEC, and ANS) audio processing, video encoding, and optimized transmission for poor network connectivity to provide real-time audio and video communication services with low latency and high packet loss tolerance.

Architecture diagram


Alibaba Cloud RTC supports two billing methods: pay-as-you-go and subscription. By default, your fees are calculated based on the total duration of calls. For more information about billing, see Billing of audio and video calls. For more information about resource plans, visit the buy page.


Alibaba Cloud RTC is suitable for various scenarios, such as teleconferencing, online education, music teaching, real-time interactive streaming, video social networking, gaming, and entertainment. For more information, see Scenarios.


The following topics can help you better understand and use RTC.

Topic Description
Terms Describes the basic concepts of RTC.
Features and capabilities Describes the basic features and capabilities of RTC.
Download SDKs Describes the SDKs for different clients to help you get started with RTC quickly.
List of operations by function Describes the RTC API operations that provide programmatic access to RTC features available in the RTC console.
Demo Describes the demos for different clients to help you get started with RTC.
Applications Describes how to create applications and query application information in the RTC console.