Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) provides SDKs for the following programming languages: Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Go, Node.js, and C++.

The following table lists the download links and references for ROS SDKs for these languages. For more information, visit Alibaba Cloud Open Platform.

ROS SDK References
ROS SDK for Java Quick start
ROS SDK for Python Quick start
ROS SDK for PHP Quick start
ROS SDK for.NET Get started
ROS SDK for Go Get started
ROS SDK for C++ Quick start


Errors may occur when you use SDKs. For more information about the FAQ about ROS SDKs, see FAQ about SDKs.

Usage examples

  • ROS SDK for Java: Use ROS SDK for Java
  • ROS SDK for Python: Use SDK for Python.
  • ROS SDKs for other languages: You can use the debugging feature to query the detailed sample code for each operation. To view the sample code, perform the following operations: Log on to the OpenAPI Explorer console. In the top navigation bar, click the Online Debugging tab. Enter the operation name to call the operation. The detailed sample code appears.