Cloud Development Toolkit (CDK) is a command-line tool provided by Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) to help you define cloud resources in a variety of programming languages. ROS CDK allows you to create and configure resources and implement automatic deployment and O&M without the need to use the complex JSON or YAML template syntax.


ROS CDK offers a high-level object-oriented abstraction to define and create cloud resources in an efficient manner.


  • Open source code: ROS CDK is open-sourced on GitHub for easy access.
  • Support for multiple programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, and C# are supported.
  • Simple code development: The underlying data structure and logic defined in ROS CDK helps you perform complex orchestration operations by using a small amount of code.
  • Multiple examples: You can use OpenAPI Explorer to generate, download, and debug ROS CDK sample code for multiple programming languages and resources.