Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) Template Transformer can convert an Excel, Terraform, or AWS CloudFormation template to an ROS template. This topic describes how to install Template Transformer.


  • Template Transformer is developed by using the Python programming language. Make sure that Python 3.6 or later is installed. For more information, visit the Python official website.
  • If you want to convert a Terraform template to an ROS template, make sure that the development environment for the Go programming language is built and Terraform is installed.
    • To install the Go programming language, visit the Go official website.
    • To install Terraform, visit the Terraform official website.

Step 1: Download the source code

Run the following command to download the source code of Template Transformer:

git clone

Step 2: Install Template Transformer

  1. Run the following command to go to the alibabacloud-ros-tool-transformer directory:
    cd alibabacloud-ros-tool-transformer
  2. Run the following command to install Template Transformer:
    python install