This topic describes how to configure password confirmation when you create resource instances.

Background information

When you create a stack, you enter the logon password only once. However, when you enter the password, it is possible to enter a wrong password and get locked out of your service instances, such as ECS and ApsaraDB for RDS instances.


  1. When you define InstancePassword, set Confirm to true to enable password confirmation.
    "InstancePassword": {
        "Confirm": true,
        "NoEcho": true,
        "MaxLength": "41",
        "Description": "The login password of ECS instances",
        "Type": "String",
        "ConstraintDescription": "Consist of 8 to 41 characters of alphanumeric characters",
        "MinLength": "8",
        "AllowedPattern": "[a-zA-Z0-9]*"
    Notice Confirm can only be used when NoEcho is set to true.
  2. Configure Instance Password in the Configure Template Parameters step of the Create Stack wizard.