Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) supports event notifications about resource changes.

Background information

The event monitoring feature of CloudMonitor serves as a centralized platform that enables you to query system events generated for different Alibaba Cloud services and view event statistics. This allows you to monitor your Alibaba Cloud services. Event monitoring can send alert notifications when exceptions occur on your Alibaba Cloud services. You can also use event monitoring to automate exception handling. CloudMonitor is integrated into ROS. When the status of a stack changes, ROS sends an event notification to CloudMonitor. Then, CloudMonitor queries details about the event and sends alerts.

For more information about system events, see the following topics:

Notifications about stack states

Notifications about ROS stacks in the following states can be sent:


Notification format

CREATE_COMPLETE is used in the following example to show the format of event notifications for ROS:

    "Status": "Normal",
    "InstanceName": "",
    "ResourceId": "acs:ros:cn-hangzhou:175458090349****:stack/a797d0e1-c067-472a-ba86-2f0cdcbb****",
    "Content": {
        "callerId": "22905089471272****",
        "requestId": "4D693712-0868-51DD-A736-4067AD7C0119",
        "stackId": "a797d0e1-c067-472a-ba86-2f0cdcbb****",
        "stackName": "diagnostic-dr-7a7c8fdc57e94f79****",
        "status": "CREATE_COMPLETE",
        "statusReason": "Stack CREATE completed successfully"
    "Product": "ros",
    "Level": "INFO",
    "Time": 1663815166000,
    "RegionId": "cn-hangzhou",
    "Name": "Stack:StatusChange",
    "GroupId": "0"


The following table describes the parameters that are contained in event notifications.

StatusThe state of the event. Normal
TimeThe time when the event occurred. The time is displayed in UTC+8. 20200616T220114.058+0800
LevelThe level of the event. INFO
NameThe name of the event. Stack:StatusChange
ProductThe name of the Alibaba Cloud service. The value of this parameter is ROS. ROS
RegionIdThe region ID of the event. cn-hangzhou
ResourceIdThe Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) of the resource. acs:ros:cn-hangzhou:151266687691****:stack/37811dc0-9c3a-4112-ba1e-b1988106****
InstanceNameThe name of the instance. None
GroupIdThe ID of the event group. 0
contentThe details of the event. The details contain one or more parameters. None
The following table describes the parameters that are contained in the content parameter.
stackIdThe ID of the stack. 37811dc0-9c3a-4112-ba1e-b1988106****
stackNameThe name of the stack. stack_2020-06-18stack
statusThe state of the stack. CREATE_COMPLETE
statusReasonThe reason why the stack is in its current state. Stack CREATE completed successfully
callerIdThe ID of the account that is used to perform the operation on the stack. If you use an Alibaba Cloud account to perform the operation, the value is the ID of the Alibaba Cloud account. If you use a RAM user to perform the operation, the value is the ID of the RAM user. 29154787464691****
requestIdThe ID of the request. 939F2DC4-BA3E-4539-BB95-03A300D52467