If a change set is no longer needed, you can delete it to avoid unexpected stack changes. Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) retains all change sets that are not deleted until the stack is updated.


A change set is created. For more information, see Create a change set.

Delete a change set in the ROS console

  1. Log on to the ROS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Stacks.
  3. Click a stack ID in the Stack Name column. On the stack management page, click the Change Sets tab.
  4. On the Change Sets tab, find the change set that you want to delete, and click Delete in the Actions column.
  5. In the message that appears, click OK.

Delete a change set by using Alibaba Cloud CLI

You can use the aliyun ros DeleteChangeSet command to delete a change set.

Specify the ID of the change set that you want to delete. Example:

aliyun ros DeleteChangeSet --ChangeSetId <change_set_id> --RegionId <region_id>