This topic describes how to use ActionTrail to record the operations that RAM users or the owners of Alibaba Cloud accounts perform on resource groups.


  1. Log on to the ActionTrail console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose ActionTrail > History Search. On the page that appears, set EventType and Time to filter events.
    Note You can also click Advance Search next to the Time field and set the following parameters to perform a precise search: Username, Event Name, Resource Name, Resource Type, Product Type, and Access Key.
  3. In the event list, click the + icon next to an event to view the basic information of the event.
  4. Then, click View Event to view details.


  "eventId": "B1CFCA37-83FA-4288-B623-01994CF8****",
  "eventVersion": "1",
  "requestParameters": {
  "RequestId": "B1CFCA37-83FA-4288-B623-01994CF8BDD2",
  "DisplayName": "actiontrail",
  "HostId": "",
  "Name": "action"
  "eventSource": "",
  "sourceIpAddress": "42.120.XX.XX",
  "userIdentity": {
  "sessionContext": {
  "attributes": {
  "mfaAuthenticated": "false",
  "creationDate": "2019-03-08T07:00:04Z"
  "accountId": "123456789012****",
  "principalId": "111749508818****",
  "userName": "root",
  "type": "root-account"
  "eventType": "ApiCall",
  "serviceName": "ResourceManager",
  "apiVersion": "2016-11-11",
  "requestId": "B1CFCA37-83FA-4288-B623-01994CF8BDD2",
  "eventTime": "2019-03-08T07:00:04Z",
  "acsRegion": "cn-hangzhou",
  "eventName": "CreateResourceGroup"