This topic describes how to create a service-linked role for the Tag service, view the information about the service-linked role, and delete the service-linked role.


A service-linked role is a RAM role whose trusted entity is an Alibaba Cloud service. Service-linked roles can implement authorized access across services. The following table provides the service-linked role for the Tag service.

Service-linked roleService identifierPermission policy

For more information, see Service-linked roles.


  • The Tag service assumes the service-linked role to access resource creation events in ActionTrail, obtain the creator information of resources, and then add createdby tags to the resources.
  • The Tag service assumes the service-linked role to access operation records and resources in ActionTrail and Cloud Config, monitor resource changes in real time, and then check the compliance of resource configurations, such as tags.

Create the service-linked role

The Tag service automatically creates the service-linked role when you perform the following operations:

  • Enable createdby tags. The tag keys of createdby tags are acs:tag:createdby. For more information, see Overview.
  • Enable the Tag Policy feature. For more information, see Enable the Tag Policy feature.

View the information about the service-linked role

After the service-linked role is created, you can log on to the RAM console, go to the Roles page, and search for AliyunServiceRoleForTag. Then, you can view the following information about the service-linked role on the role details page:

  • Basic information

    In the Basic Information section, you can view the basic information about the role, such as the name, creation time, Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN), and description.

  • Permission policy

    On the Permissions tab, you can click the policy name to view the policy document.

    Note You cannot view the permission policy attached to a service-linked role on the Policies page of the RAM console. You can view the permission policy only on the role details page.
  • Trust policy

    On the Trust Policy Management tab, you can view the document of the trust policy that is attached to the role. A trust policy is a policy that contains the trusted entities of a RAM role. A trusted entity refers to an entity that can assume the RAM role. The trusted entity of a service-linked role is a cloud service. You can view the value of the Service field in the trust policy of the service-linked role to obtain the trusted entity.

For more information about how to view a service-linked role, see View the information about a RAM role.

Delete the service-linked role

Warning After the service-linked role is deleted, the features that depend on the role cannot be used. Proceed with caution.

If you do not use the Tag service for a long period of time or you want to delete your Alibaba Cloud account, you may need to manually delete the service-linked role.

You can submit a ticket to delete the service-linked role.