Resource Center allows you to view all resources within your Alibaba Cloud account and search for resources within your Alibaba Cloud account based on specific conditions. The resources may belong to different services or reside in different regions. This topic describes how to view resources within an Alibaba Cloud account, export resources, search for resources by condition, and manage filters.

View resources

  1. Log on to the Resource Management console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resource Center > Resource Search.
  3. View the resources within the current account.
    • View all resources

      In the left-side navigation tree, click Current Account. In the right-side section that appears, you can view all resources within the current account.

    • View the resources in a resource group

      In the left-side navigation tree, click the name of a resource group. In the right-side section that appears, you can view the resources in the resource group.

    • View the resources that do not belong to a resource group

      Some resources do not support resource groups. These resources do not belong to resource groups. To view these resources, click Not Connected to Resource Group in the left-side navigation tree.

Export resources

To export the resources in a node, click the name of the node in the left-side navigation tree and then click the Download icon in the upper-right corner of the right-side section that appears. The resources are exported to a CSV file. If the node contains a large amount of resources, you may need to wait a few minutes or even dozens of minutes until the resources are exported.

Search for resources based on specific conditions

  • Search for all resources that meet specific conditions

    You can search for resources by service, resource type, region, or tag. For example, you can specify conditions to search for all resources to which the k1:v1 tag is added in the China (Hangzhou) region.

  • Search for a specific resource

    You can search for a specific resource by resource ID, resource name, or IP address. For example, you can search for the virtual private cloud (VPC) whose ID is vpc-bp1m6fww66xbntjyc****.

Manage filters

You can save the search conditions that you specify as a filter and use the filter for subsequent searches. You can also modify or delete the filter.

Save search conditions as a filter

  1. Specify search conditions.
  2. Click Save Filter.
  3. In the Save Filter dialog box, enter a name for the filter and click OK.
    After you modify the conditions in a filter, you can save the conditions to the filter or as a new filter. The next time you search for resources, you can click My Filters and select a filter based on your business requirements to perform the search.

Delete a filter

If you no longer require a filter, click My Filters, move the pointer over the name of the filter, and then click the Delete icon to delete the filter.