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Resource Management:Public Errorcodes

Last Updated:Mar 17, 2023

Error code

HTTP status codeError codeError messageDescriptionActions
409InvalidParameter.FilterConfigurationThe specified parameter FilterConfiguration is not valid.The FilterConfiguration parameter is invalid.diagnosis
409InvalidParameter.FilterNameThe specified parameter FilterName is not valid.The FilterName parameter is invalid.diagnosis
404MissingParameter.FilterNameThe specified parameter FilterName is missing.The FilterName parameter is not configured.diagnosis
400MissingParameter.FilterConfigurationThe specified parameter FilterConfiguration is missing.The FilterConfiguration parameter is not configured.diagnosis
409LengthExceedLimit.FilterConfigurationThe length of parameter FilterConfiguration exceed limit.The length of the value specified for the FilterConfiguration parameter exceeds the upper limit.diagnosis
409LengthExceedLimit.FilterNameThe length of parameter FilterName exceed limit.The length of the value specified for the FilterName parameter exceeds the upper limit.diagnosis
409AlreadyExists.FilterNameThe filter name of current user already exists.The name specified in the FilterName parameter already exists.diagnosis
409NotExists.FilterNameThe filter name of current user not exists.The object indicated by the FilterName parameter does not exist.diagnosis
404NotExists.DefaultFilterThe default filter of current user not exists.The default filter does not exist.diagnosis
400InvalidParameter.FilterValueThe specified parameter InvalidParameter.FilterValue is not valid.The InvalidParameter.FilterValue parameter is invalid.diagnosis
400NoPermission.ServiceLinkedRoleThe current user does not have permission to create servicelinkedrole. Please contact the Alibaba Cloud account or administrator to authorize custom policy: Service Name:, Action: ram:CreateServiceLinkedRole-diagnosis
400InvalidParameter.FilterMatchTypeThe specified parameter Filter.n.MatchType is not valid.The Filter.N.MatchType parameter is invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidCallerTypeYour account type doe not support the operation.Your account does not support the operation.diagnosis
400DiscoveryInProgressA discovery task is in progress. Please wait for a while and check the result again.The system is finding the related resource. Wait a few minutes and try again.diagnosis
400InvalidParameter.MaxResultsThe specified parameter MaxResults is not valid.The MaxResults parameter is invalid.diagnosis
400InvalidParameter.FilterKeyThe specified parameter Filter.n.Key is not valid.The Filter.N.Key parameter is invalid.diagnosis
400InternalErrorThe request processing has failed due to some unknown error.An internal error occurred.diagnosis
400NoPermissionYou are not authorized to perform this operation.You are not authorized to perform the operation.diagnosis
400InvalidParameter.GroupByKeyThe specified parameter GroupByKey is not valid.The GroupByKey parameter is invalid.\ndiagnosis
400MissingParameter.MaxResultsYou must specify MaxResults.The MaxResults parameter is not configured.diagnosis
400MissingParameter.GroupByKeyYou must specify GroupByKey.The GroupByKey parameter is not configured.diagnosis
400MissingParameter.FilterValueYou must specify Filter.n.Value.The Filter.N.Value parameter is not configured.diagnosis
400ServiceNotEnabledResourceCenter Service is not enabled.The Resource Meta Center (RMC) service is not activated.diagnosis
400MultiAccountServiceNotEnabledMulit account ResourceCenter service is not enabled.The Resource Meta Center (RMC) service is not activated.diagnosis