Problem description

If you have created a vSwitch, but when you create an ApsaraDB for Redis instance, change the network type, or migrate zones, you select a VPC, and you find that the vSwitch drop-down box does not have an option, or there are options but not the vSwitch you need.


The reasons why you cannot find an existing vSwitch when you create an ApsaraDB for Redis instance are as follows:

  • The vSwitch that you created does not belong to the zone or VPC that you selected.
  • The vSwitch is not created under the current account.


Select a specific solution based on the cause of the problem:

  • You need to create a vSwitch in the same region as the ApsaraDB for Redis instance. For more information, see Create a vSwitch. After the vSwitch is created, you can switch the classic network to a Virtual Private Cloud. For more information about network switching, see Switching to Virtual Private Cloud.
    Note: Once the classic network is switched to Virtual Private Cloud, it cannot be switched back to the original classic network. Similarly, ApsaraDB for Redis does not support VPC replacement, but only vSwitches. Proceed with caution.
  • Select the zone where the created vSwitch resides.

Ideal For

  • ApsaraDB for Redis