This topic describes how to apply for License Mobility through Software Assurance. If you plan to use an ECS dedicated host or purchase a license provided by Alibaba Cloud, skip this topic.

Background information

As an Authorized Mobility Partner of Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud accepts the licenses of any products covered in active Software Assurance contracts. You can send an application to Microsoft to migrate your license and continue to use it in Alibaba Cloud as a Bring Your Own License (BYOL).

If you want to continue using your existing licenses through License Mobility, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • Your Microsoft licenses must be covered with Software Assurance. For more information, visit Software Assurance overview.
  • The Microsoft products must support License Mobility agreements. The following list provides some Microsoft products that are eligible for License Mobility:
    • Exchange Server.
    • SharePoint Server.
    • SQL Server Standard Edition.
    • SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
    • Skype for Business Server.
    • System Center Server.
    • Project Server.
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
    • BizTalk Server.
    • Remote Desktop Services.
    • For a full list of eligible Microsoft products, visit Licensing terms.
  • Eligible Volume Licensing programs include the Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Microsoft Open Value Agreement, where Software Assurance is included, as well as other Volume Licensing programs where Software Assurance is an option, such as Microsoft Open License or Select Plus.
  • The licenses cannot be applied to Windows client operating systems such as Windows Server or desktop applications such as Microsoft Office.


According to Microsoft License Mobility terms, you can deploy application environments before Microsoft confirms your application. Within 10 days of the deployment, you must complete and submit the License Mobility Verification Form for review. The following figure provides an application workflow for your reference.Review workflow of License Mobility application
  1. Deploy an application that is eligible for License Mobility in Alibaba Cloud.
  2. Submit the license migration application to Microsoft.

    For detailed operations, visit License Mobility through Software Assurance. Specify Alibaba Cloud as the Authorized Mobility Partner on the verification form and provide the following information:

    • Authorized Mobility Partner name: Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.
    • Authorized Mobility Partner website address:
    • Authorized Mobility Partner email address:
  3. Wait for Microsoft to review the application and reply.

What to do next

In accordance with the Microsoft Product Terms, you can perform the following operations on licenses that have License Mobility benefits:
  • Reallocate these licenses to other ECS instances in the same Alibaba Cloud zone. For more information, see Regions and zones.
  • Reallocate these licenses to other ECS instances in different Alibaba Cloud zones. However, the interval between two consecutive allocations cannot be less than 90 days. For more information, visit Licensing terms.