This topic describes the release notes for fully managed Flink and provides links to relevant references. The release notes provide the major updates and bug fixes in fully managed Flink in the version that was released on December 16, 2021.

Major updates in VVP

Change type Feature Description
New Job exploration
Note If you want to use this feature, you must enable log archiving in the log template or turn on Allow Log Archives in the Logging section of the Advanced tab of a job.
Creation of catalogs on the UI Hive, Hologres, and MySQL catalogs can be created on the UI.
Detection of state compatibility If you select a historical state to restore a job, the system checks the state compatibility to determine the impact of the restoration on your business.
Replacement of variables General variables, such as an AccessKey pair, can be configured and referenced in SQL statements.

For more information, see Configure a variable.

Optimized Fine-grained SQL configurations
  • Results of fine-grained chain analysis can be displayed.
  • Operator-level resource configurations are supported.
Alert information Job names are added to alert information to help you identify the jobs that are affected.
UI The UI on which catalogs are created is optimized.

Major updates in VVR 3.0.7 and VVR 4.0.11

Change type Feature
VVR 3.0.7 The job exploration feature is supported.
Known issues of Apache Flink 1.12 are fixed.
VVR 4.0.11 The commercial features of Flink Change Data Capture (CDC) are released:
  • Schema evolution is supported.
  • Flink SQL semantics that is used for database synchronization is supported.

For more information, see CREATE TABLE AS statement, CREATE DATABASE AS statement, and Ingest data into data warehouses or data lakes in real time.

Gemini state backend can be used to store state data in Object Storage Service (OSS).
The job resource management scheme is optimized.
The DataStream connector is optimized.

For more information, see MySQL CDC DataStream connector.

The exception of the Gemini state backend is fixed.
Known issues of Apache Flink 1.13 are fixed.