This topic describes the release notes for fully managed Flink and provides links to the relevant references. The release notes describe the major updates and bug fixes in fully managed Flink in the version that was released on April 19, 2021.

Major updates in VVP

  • Batch jobs can be created and published, and O&M operations can be performed on batch jobs.
  • The folder feature is supported.
  • The locking feature is provided to support collaboration between multiple developers.
  • Python user-defined functions (UDFs) are supported. For more information, see Overview.
  • Tutorials are added to help you quickly get started with job development.

Major updates in VVR 3.0.1

  • Tutorials on Ververica Platform (VVP) are provided to help beginners configure connectors.
  • The Flink Change Data Capture (CDC) connector allows you to configure metrics, such as latency.
  • The underlying client dependency of the Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ connector is updated. Therefore, in DDL statements whose Connector parameter is set to mq, you must change the value of the endpoint parameter to the TCP internal endpoint of Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ. For more information, see Announcement on the settings of internal TCP endpoints.

Major bug fixes in VVR 3.0.1

  • Built-in functions support the RAW type, which fixes the UDF incompatibility issue that is caused by the version update of jobs.
  • The issue that the AccessKey pair is displayed in plaintext mode in Taskmanager.log of the Log Service connector is fixed.