SQL syntax changes

  • Syntax changes

    [Over Agg] The window rank function without order by

  • Behavior changes
    • [Division to double] | As of Blink 2.2, the division data type can be implicitly converted to the double data type.
    • [Decimal] DDL decimal type default precision changed to (10, 0) | As of Blink 2.2, the default precision for the decimal data type changes.
    • [CEP] A pattern cannot end with a portion that is used for greedy matching. For example, the (a b+) pattern is not supported. To resolve this issue, you can change the pattern to (a b+ c) and define c as not b.
    • [CEP] The WITHIN clause does not support dynamic windows.

Interface changes

  • Code refactoring and semantic changes

    [StreamTableSink#emitDataStream returns values changes from void to StreamTableSink]

  • Class relocation
    • [Parser inherited com.alibaba.blink.streaming.connectors.common.source.SourceCollector]
    • [Class not found] com/alibaba/blink/exceptions/NotEnoughParamsException
    • [Class not found] com/alibaba/blink/exceptions/UnsupportedTableException
    • [Class not found] org/apache/flink/table/sources/BatchExecTableSource
    • [Class not found] org/apache/flink/table/functions/aggfunctions/DoubleSumWithRetractAggFunction
    • [Class not found] org/apache/flink/table/functions/Monotonicity
    • [Class not found] Lcom/alibaba/blink/cache/Cache
    • [Class not found] org/apache/flink/table/row/GenericRow
  • Implementation changes
    • [Method not found] com.alibaba.blink.table.api.RichTableSchema.getColumnTypes
    • [Method not found] Lorg/apache/flink/table/types/DataType.of
    • [Verification] java.lang.VerifyError: class com.koubei.blink.connector.sls.CustomTableFactory overrides final method setClassLoader
    • [Class not found] com/aliyun/odps/OdpsException


  • [ODPS] ODPSTableSink stream mode do not support overwrite
  • [ODPS] Only batch mode support overwrite